What to Look For During a Roof Inspection

The roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home and it should be kept in good condition for as long as possible. The roof is exposed to all kinds of weather and it is important that it be cared for and maintained so it can continue to protect your home and family from the elements. Regular roof inspections are an important and necessary step in keeping your roof in top condition.

If you’d prefer to make your own inspection, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for. You can inspect the roof from the ground using a pair of binoculars, but if you choose to venture out on to the roof be sure to take the necessary safety precautions. Make sure to check for any obvious defects like sagging or uneven areas, which may be a sign of a damaged roof deck.

You should also look for missing, loose, cracked, pitted, broken or otherwise damaged shingles and inspect the flashing to make sure it has not pulled away from the surface.  Check the rubber boots on any vent pipes or other features for rot or decay and

Other areas to inspect are the attic space, if it’s accessible, and any interior ceilings within the house itself below the roof. If you enter any crawl spaces or attic areas, take extra care in where you step or explore to look for damage, since one misstep can cause unnecessary damage and costly repairs.  In the attic, look for signs of water entry such as water stains, wood rot, mold and mildew. Be sure to have any necessary roof repairs completed as soon as possible.  Delaying roof repairs only leads to more serious damage and more extensive repairs. 

It is easy for a homeowner to miss important signs of roof damage such as missing ceramic granules due to hail.  If you have any concerns about the condition of the roof, it’s worth a call to a reputable local roofing professional.