Roofing Inspections

Periodic roof inspections by a qualified roofing contractor, who is licensed and insured, is a wise investment that ultimately could prolong the life or your roof, as well as identify issues that could be quickly and economically repaired, before the roof fails and the interior of the home is damaged.  Roof failures are often the result of severe weather, poor roofing workmanship, the use of defective materials, specifying the wrong roofing materials, roof abuse, the failure to inspect the roof and the failure to perform timely preventative maintenance and ultimately age, as roofs have a limited lifespan.

Routine preventative maintenance is an excellent way to increase the lifespan of any roof.  The first step in preventative maintenance is to first have an experienced roofing contractor perform a visual inspection of the roof.  The roof inspector will determine the overall condition, note its current weaknesses and failures and identify current and future problem areas.  In addition, they will provide an estimate to make the necessary repairs and in many cases can make the repairs on the spot! Potential repairs could include such things as caulking, repair of valleys, correction of flashing issues and shingle replacement, where shingles have blown off or are otherwise missing.

The cost of the roof inspection, as well as the necessary repairs and preventative maintenance, is significantly less expensive than the cost associated with a total roof replacement.  In addition, without a periodic roof inspection, these small issues often go un-noticed and ultimately lead to larger and more expensive issues.  An example of this would be a small leak due to several nail holes in the shingle that allows water to come in contact with the roof sheathing.

Even if the water never makes it into the house damaging the drywall ceiling, it does cause rot on the roof sheathing and structural components of the roof over time.  The leak now has caused structural issues in the home, which are often very expensive to repair.  This scenario, which is quite common, could have been prevented with a periodic roof inspection that is quick, economical and is easy to schedule!

Posted on behalf of Ken Christie, CZE Roofing and Remodeling


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