Laminated Asphalt Shingle Upgrade

If your roof needs to be replaced due to hail damage or wind damage, consider upgrading to laminated asphalt shingles instead of traditional three tab shingles.  High quality laminated shingles have recently hit the market and have quickly become the choice of roofers and homeowners.  For a modest increase in cost, laminated shingles offer a much superior roof than three tab shingles.

Laminated shingles are thicker and heavier than three tab shingles and have much higher wind resistance and impact resistance.  As anyone who has had to replace a roof due to hail damage knows, three tab shingles are easily damaged by hail.  Laminated shingles are much more resistant to hail damage and are warranted to last 40 years or longer.  Compare that with 15 to 20 years for three tab shingles.

Installation of laminated shingles is comparable to three tab shingles.  It costs about the same to install laminated shingles although many installers charge a little more to install laminated shingles because they are heavier and it takes more effort to carry them up onto the roof.

In any event, if your roof hail damage is covered by insurance, the insurance company will be paying the cost of labor and materials for a three tab shingle roof (less your deductible).  For just the difference in price between the three tab shingles and the laminated shingles, you can have a top quality laminated shingle roof that will enhance the beauty and value of your home, provide much superior protection against wind and hail damage, and could last 40 years or more.

If you can swing paying the additional cost for the laminated shingles out of pocket, you will end up with a much nicer roof on your home.  Consider it an upgrade subsidized by the insurance company.

Beware of Contractor Scams Following Wind Storms

Utah residents who are already struggling to recover after last month’s wind storms are now facing a new threat: unlicensed contractors trying to take advantage of the situation.  According to the Utah Department of Commerce, there have been reports of unlicensed contractors preying on Utah residents in hard hit areas of Davis County like Layton, Kaysville, Centerville, Farmington and any area where property was damaged by the December 2011 wind storms.

The windstorm caused millions of dollars damage to homes and businesses throughout Davis County and the surrounding area.  Homeowners in the area with asphalt shingle roofs should be sure to have their roof inspected for wind damage.  In many cases, the damage is obvious – the roof has broken and missing shingles.

However, in some cases the damage is difficult for the homeowner to detect and the roof will not begin to leak for weeks or months.  High winds can lift asphalt shingles and break the bond between the shingle and the adhesive that hold the lower edge of the shingle in place.  When this happens, dirt, sand and other debris is driven under the shingle and it fails to re-adhere properly.

After the winds calm down, the shingles will lay flat on the roof and appear normal, a trained roof inspector will be able to identify the damage.  Avoid getting scammed by an unlicensed roofing contractor by dealing only with a local, licensed roofing contractor with a permanent local office.  Contractors serving Davis County like a local Kaysville roofing contractor will have a reputation to protect and will be here for years to handle any problems that might arise with your roof.